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Minggu, 06 Agustus 2017

2013 Jeep Off Road Truck Models "Gladiator and Scrambler"

Gladiator and Scrambler are two models of phenomenal once owned by Jeep. Both are in the category of pickup trucks are not only used as a transport vehicle, Jeep Scrambler models, and 2013 Gladiator can also be used for off road.

Scrambler itself is classic Jeep models CJ code. In generations CJ, Scrambler, also known as the CJ-8, the Jeep truck model was introduced in 1981 with the end of production to 1986.

Jeep CJ-8 Scrambler, comes with standard specification using traditional transfer case with manual front hubs as driving a four wheel drive system. This classic Jeep truck, has a 103-inch wheelbase with removable alloy half cab and a pickup box. Although there is a three-speed automatic transmission option, but most of the Jeep Scrambler more widely presented in the format of a five-speed manual transmission.

Throughout the year 2013, Is there a model of regeneration for a Jeep pickup? the answer is Yes. 2013 Jeep Gladiator is one of the latest models of pickup trucks that seem to be regarded as the future Scrambler. But in 2013 we can still see the Scrambler, superior in the Off Road terrain.

In fourwheeler, we found a 1984 Jeep Scrambler remain alive throughout the year 2013. This scrambler, has been modified for extreme off road by the owner who named Louie Carricarte. This is a Jeep monster truck models that are determined to have the off-road capability unchallenged.

In our review Louie Carricarte perform modifications on several sections, ranging from the use of the engine, suspension systems, axles, transmission, transfer case and of course the wheels and tires. 

Image : Fourwheeler

Bright exterior 1984 Jeep Scrambler makes this car look an so sexy when moving in mud terrain. Here are the full specifications Jeep Scrambler Modifications by Louie CarrIcarte:

Mud Rig Specifications
1984 Jeep Scrambler
Owner: Louie Carricarte
Engine: '78 Dodge 440ci big-block
Transmission: '86 Turbo 400
Transfer Case: Pro-Fab
Suspension: 4-link
Axles: 2½-ton Rockwell
Shocks: 16-inch King Shocks
Tires & Wheels: 26x20 wheels, 23.1/26 Astro tractor tires.

Next up is the new 2013 Jeep Gladiator. This is one of the Jeep truck models in modern concepts presented to be the toughest competitor New Ford Ranger, in seizing the pickup truck market segment. Based on the Wrangler models, Gladiator 2013, also introduced by the special character of the exterior with removable doors and roof.



Compared with the Scrambler, Gladiator is much longer wheelbase. If in inches Scrambler is 103 inches, while wheelbase Gladiator is 138.4 inches by 76.5 inches wide bodies.

To be able to conquer tough terrain and glide smoothly on the highway, the new Jeep Gladiator powered by the engine specification is also modern in two options, namely 2.8 liter Diesel and 3.6-liter Pentastar V6. If the 2.8-liter Diesel is capable of producing 160 horsepower with a torque of 295. Gladiator with a 3.6-liter V6 Pentastar engine capable of producing 280 horsepower with 260 torque. While the type of transmission used is a ZF 8-speed automatic. Gladiator is also equipped with a new system Command Trac part-time 4x4, front and rear locking differentials, and full skit plates.

In part in Gladiator, all are modern and luxurious designed to comfort the driver and passenger. Format Gladiator passenger seat, in the category of car with four-seat adult passengers. Part of the dashboard to the passenger seat upholstery has a blend of green and black hues. Confirmed passenger seat is designed with waterproof technology and easy to maintain, and a number of features of modern technologies such as GPS, navigation system and a communication system is also installed on the Jeep Gladiator.