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Minggu, 06 Agustus 2017

Best Rugged Ridge Satin Black Wheels Review

Best Rugged Ridge Wheels - The wheels not only make a vehicle move, every vehicle that uses the best wheels will have more special and different looks. This is one of the main reasons why most consumers always have a plan to replace the standard wheels with a new one.

Modify or replace the standard Wrangler rims with a custom rim would be a very interesting job for all Jeep owners.

When you choose to use Rugged Ridge wheels for your Wrangler, surely it will make your Jeep will look more powerful and luxurious. There are many models to choose from, and here you will get free best reviews of the Rugged Ridge 15301.01 17" x 9" XHD satin black wheels.

Rugged Ridge wheels

To make sure getting the best wheels that suit your needs and fits with your Jeep Wrangler, then you need to consider some important points as follows :
  • Color options
  • Wheel Material
  • Bolt Pattern
  • Offset & Backspace
  • The Brand

How many colors can I choose ?

To meet the demand for all Jeep fans, Rugged Ridge offers new wheels with more than three colors or finishes, ranging from silver, gun-metal gray, chrome, and satin black finish is one of the most desirable color. It is a neutral color that is suitable to join for all Wrangler body colors.

The Rugged Ridge 7-spoke satin black wheels is really going to make the Jeep more powerful but lighter and more modern look.

This new XHD satin black wheel has also been using the hub centric system. It is one of the most modern type of design that we often find in most OEM wheels. Hub centric makes the wheel center bore size really fit with the axle of the vehicle itself. The wheels are properly connected to the axle can withstand the car weight well. While the lug-nuts serves to ensure the wheel is firmly attached to the plate.

Hub centric wheels is one of the better design when compared to lug centric or non-hub-centric, where the force only rests on the lug nuts and studs, it will cause faster wear and the risk of unwanted vibrations.

By appropriately connected to the axle and the lug-nuts that hold, you will forget the vibration. The hub centric Rugged Ridge wheels that's designed for all terrain will really give a memorable driving experience.

Using the best materials !

There are two popular wheel material, and one of them is aluminum or alloys. Compared to steel wheels, aluminum wheels are much lighter. So that all cars are using this wheel will have better acceleration, providing more brake clearance to improve the braking performance and the vehicle can be stopped quickly.

Most people assume that the aluminum easily bent, but the fact that aluminum is a material that is very fast in removing heat, when compared to steel. So if there are people who say aluminum wheels easily bending or crack then I think it is a wrong assumption.

Aluminum Rugged Ridge wheels are one of the favored product that perfect for all consumers who drive every day. In addition, this wheel already passed a series of independent tests and certified by SAEJ2530. It is the official standard certification that determines the strength and durability of a wheel.

It's about the bolt pattern...

This is one simple but very important thing to note before we actually do the replacement wheel, make sure the new wheel bolt pattern is matched with the bolt pattern of your Wrangler. Because each aftermarket wheel provides different bolt patterns.

Wheel bolt pattern is usually presented in a combination of numbers. For example, 5 x 127. It is the same pattern with 5x5 inches. 5 is the number of holes in the wheel, while the 127 is a bolt circle diameter as measured by millimeters.

Wrangler CJ has a bolt pattern 5 x 4.5 or (5 x 114.3), while 2007-2009 Wrangler including Sahara, Rubicon, X, and X Unlimited edition use 5x5 bolt pattern (5x127).

This black satin wheel bolt pattern is 5x5. This means that the wheel is designed for all 2007-2009 Jeep Wrangler. However, based on information from Rugged Ridge, this aluminum wheel is also suitable for 2014 Wrangler.

Offset & Backspace

Not only specify finishes and style of a rim appropriately to enhance the look of the car, we also need to consider the offset and backspace on wheels. This is an important point that should be seriously considered, and make sure you consult with a mechanic before actually updating the wheel.

Offset: It is a measure that determines the distance between the plate mounting a wheel with a center line of the wheel itself.

Backspace: is a measure of the distance between the mounting plate wheels with the back edge of the wheel itself.

The size of the offset on the wheels will produce several variations as follows:

Positive offset : This move wheels inside of fander

Negative offset : This move wheels out of fander

Zero offset : A negative offset indicates the mounting surface of the wheel is positioned behind the wheel's true centerline.

To find out more about wheel offset and backspace, you can visit the custom wheel offset or tire size calculator.

Rugged Ridge offset wheel is 12 millimeters to 4.56 inch backspace. When we are able to determine the size of the wheel offset and backspace properly, then you will get the comfort and better safety during driving. To avoid problems, make sure the offset and backspace on new custom wheels have the same size as the offset and backspace on your Jeep standard wheel.

The Brand

During the search of the best wheels for Jeep Wrangler, one last important point that you need to input into your agenda is to know the background of a brand or company on the product itself.

Most companies that are well-known and have a lot of experience always makes the wheels with good quality that will exceed your expectations.

Rugged Ridge has been established since 2005 and until 2014, this company has designed over 3000 products for Jeep enthusiasts. It is the best division of Omix-ADA.

How Much Should You Expect to Pay ?
Rugged Ridge XHD wheels satin black 15301.01 17 "x 9" is also available on the official website Rugged Ridge at a price of $ 307.99 MSRP, but in the Amazon you will get the best deals for under $ 300.

Does it include a Warranty ?

Yes, The Rugged Ridge 15301.01 17 "x 9" covered by limited lifetime structural warranty and 1 year finish warranty.

Where is the best place to buy these wheels ?

You can buy this new Rugged Ridge 15301.01 wheels through Amazon, besides offers free shipping, this online store also has more than 10 stock products.

What others are saying

These products get a 4.9 star rating on Amazon, and most verified consumers that have already purchased these wheels provide positive comments and give the Rugged Ridge five star predicate. Please click here to read more reviews.